Sept 11 2016 Episode: State of Emergency

Understanding the State of Emergency or State of Lawlessness under the Sovereign Rule of Rodrigo Duterte. The extra judicial form of implementing anti-illegal drugs campaign by the President claimed 2,500 lives of suspected drug users and more or less 6,000 incarcerated. These number of destroyed bodies come from the majority of the poor population in the Philippines. Using Agamben’s lens in reading the authoritarian condition started by State of Emergencies and War on Terror back in September 11, 2001 translates these bodies as unqualified life. Thus, these lives can be liquidated with no remorse as seen in the grisly War on Drugs by Duterte.

This radio discussion does not only remember the sad event of September 11 but also remind us that the State of Emergency brought by the tragedy marks the biopolitical era of control and dominance over life.



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